Sunday, January 30, 2011

welcome :)

welcome back myself to blog again! LOL
it has been ages ago, i dint blog :P
so now, im here again to say HI to EVERYONE

So yeah, CNY is just around the corner.
Can't waitt ya'w! hahaaas.
As usual first day of CNY, we goes back to the same place and same house as well..
So, its time for me to go. Lazy to blog. No heart to blog. :(

Ciaoz, see you guys! Byeee

Thursday, June 24, 2010

school reopens.

Hello, yea school has started. its Thursday today where i dont have TUITIONS
YEAH, results all are like? Erm, okay okay la. Not so very bad. =)
can live. =)

and now im rushing for doing the fold-leo which takes me like 1month to do? Sadly, i havent done. it has so many parts which i neeed to find informations from friends,
internet, school
magazine? AHH, from the kitchen.
deadline is on the 30th of June which falls on next Wednesday =(

another G-E-O-G-R-A-P-H-Y fold-leo is wating for me. a r g h ~ !
so so so so so tired of doing things:
-prefect thingy

heis, im dead. =(
and its time for me to
chaos and
for me to
start my 'lampiran', 'hasil kajian' and 'rujukan' part now.


Saturday, June 19, 2010


yeah, wake up in the morning to Facebook..
school reallllee starting very very soon and i'm not prepared yet, :P
so many things need to be done such as
-prefect duty list for July
-history folio
-tuition homeworks

yes, tonight having dinner at Lucky Palace for
attending some relatives wedding.
im'ma now thinking/planning, how should my hair look like?? LOL
and thats all for now.
waiting my wan-tan-mee from mummy. =)

Score A Programme. *thumbs up*

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It has more than 1000+++ question for each Topic for your Level as everyone says PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT BINGO! Thats true. Practice a day, keeps the bad results away. :)

This Score-A Programme is lauching for STPM candidates only from next year starts.

For any further informations,
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Friday, May 7, 2010

the head prefect :D

yesh, im finallly a HEAD PREFECT of SPI PREFECTORIAL BOARD (afternoon). :D Quite suprise when my name was announced. LOL. i never think before that im gonna be one. but quite SUPRISE. happy.

Anyway, im going to do my DUTY seriously. Not to be playful. Nuff said'

Sunday, April 25, 2010


yesh, yesterday we have an exam as it is a
school day so the Pricipal dont wanna give us
escape. So, she purposely put an exam
for us to
go. Subjects are : Malay paper 2 & English paper 2.
acually both papers
are quite
okay indeed.
as Novel for English, 'pitiful' is gonna come out says my Friend, so i
just read & read &
read and YES, PITIFUL came out.
Imma so happy, LOL.
so i got ; soalan Bocor. :D

and genting trip suppose to be on but due to some
various reason so
trip was cancelled i guess.
hope we
can continue our trip to Genting. <3

Monday, April 19, 2010

a idiot & a bitch in a world. Nuff' said.

sometimes, i just cant understand why in this world,
there are this kind of people who

Dont you always blame someone who has already doneEVERYTHING for you and YET you can say that she never does for you. Canyou say that? Can you apologise to God, King, and SHE? can you?Ouh no, i think you wontbecause you this type of people should have die earlier, if you still living in this world, you kill yourself. I HATE YOU SO MUCH, YOU IDIOT DCTC.

To another BITCH,

can you blame yourself for disturbing? can you dont blame SHE eventhough she dint does ANY WRONG? you FUCKING BITCH ASSOASS. you keep on saying your staff's, COME ON they're CHICKEN's indeed. Smokers, Drinkers, Idioters. yes, 3 words to describe em' .

Much said. and beware of you guys, you people there. :P